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Letter to Wolf

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Dear Wolf,
It has been more than 2 years now since our father’s passing.

His estate has not been settled. While it is true that you, the 2 lawyers (Schneidman and Berk) and the accountant have filed all the paperwork with the Federal and State Government, the closure is not realized until all parties have accepted the outcome.

Integrity, honesty, adherence to ethical values and accountability are related to a man’s soul. They are intrinsic to “a good man” and lacking in an “evil and foolish male (less than a true man)”. These most basic values are not stationary. A man has free will and choice, he either rises or falls. No one stays in the same place ever on the ladder of one’s eternal soul. While in life there is constant movement, up or down, no treading water.

A “G-Dless man” who maintains that mindset with no “Higher Guide” becomes less than an animal, it’s just a matter of time. Humans are the Almighty’s highest creation and when they deny “The Divine Principles For Living”, this undermines their original created purpose.

What and who is a NAZI? Look it up and you will discover the foundation of an idea and a society that worships only the tangible. They are simply another corner of the Babalonian, Greek and Roman triangle. Hitler’s disdain, hate and repulsion of the Jewish People was rooted in his knowledge of their mindset and tendency which has genetic foundations to be accountable, compassionate and moral. This was the basis of “male circumcision on the sex organ 8 days after birth” and a G-D related consciousness (guilt with accountability) within each individual’s worldview. This could not be tolerated by Hitler’s delusional NAZI “New World Order” doctrine of  “controlled, engineered Social Darwinism”. If you are transparently honest with yourself it will be clear that those defective self destructive values have become part of the “Wolf Glasser world view”. Disgusting, dysfunctional, tragic and directionally navigated self destructive choice apparently is and will be your manifestation of reality.

Decades ago I had learned from some of my gifted teachers like Rabbi Noah Weinberg (blessed be his memory) that in order to move forward in life one must always consider justice, what is right (good) and wrong (evil). Part of that justice is who you owe, who has helped you and been there for you. You gotta know who you owe.

Money, property, all things material are of this world and are tools to build up or destroy relationships. Wealth helps life when obtained without heavy strings attached. G-D owns it all. We are simply caretakers for a while.

Sadly for you even though you currently are controlling and spending our father’s wealth, the thermometer of “being a man has gone down, dropped into the abyss”. Yes, it’s quite transparent. Interesting observations to note, and I say this with all due love and respect for my father. He was my hero and idolized by me when I was in my late teens. Dad was both a “sadist and a self-hating Jew”. Those mindsets in brief mean: Sadist, a person who derives pleasure, especially sexual gratification from inflicting pain or humiliation on others. A self-hating Jew, a self-loathing Jew, an auto-antisemite, a jew who has become G*Dless and wants to be excluded from the Jewish People and has become an adversary to traditional Jewish Torah values. They also become “critics and racist towards Observant Jewish People”. They, these Jews feed the NAZI machine, which lives on and is getting stronger in our days. On one of my numerous trips many moons ago, back to Arizona to visit and stay by dad for a little while after having moved away in my early thirties, I recall a rather strange, somewhat humorous but revealing late evening. Your mother was still living in the house and you and Andy were very young, everyone was sleeping. Sitting in the den as usual dad points to his relatively new paintings of two animals. He says to me, “what do you see”, “I said a bear and a dog”. He went into a short rage and said, “no, it’s a wolf and a bear”. So I saw a dog, big deal! Obviously he wanted me to see the wolf, but in my honest innocence, I saw a dog. Was that a prophetic message for the future? Certainly a wolf can be a noble creature but it can also be a dog…

Of course our sisters and I would like our portion of our father’s estate. Hopefully you have settled with Andy. I hear your mother lives in a garbage apartment in a bad and dangerous area in the city. Be a man, buy a small place in a safe neighborhood for her to live in, keep the deed in your name if you like, know who you owe!

We are all hoping you haven’t squandered our father’s assets.

Your greatest loss thus far is the alignance that you have destroyed with all of us. Even from a purely business point of view, it’s been a foolish, greedy and “dog mindset” choice. The business opportunity that has been lost, at least temporarily with me, has been extreme, you have no idea. Self made white trash, is that who you are? I know in your core and heart of hearts there is a better man, unless you have sunk so low that there’s no light in your damaged Divine soul. The future is dependent on free choice with action. I strongly recommend you correct, fix and make mends while you still can. And yes, it’s all about the money, honor, justice and accountability… Love and alliance has to be earned.

I find it quite problematic that dad’s “end of his life management” by you went the way it did. Towards the last weeks of our father’s time you repeatedly asked me if I thought he was competent with his end of life decisions. I never wavered from saying, he was certainly “the fighting for life type”. You, my little brother, were quite concerned about my opinion as to whether he could consciously, competently and mentally decide to prolong life with assisted medical technology or if he would go back into a temporary coma and whether or not you should decide (WITHOUT my endorsement which was asked for), that “the plug should be pulled” thereby ending his life in a somewhat scheduled time. My opinion was always to keep him going. Hindsight looking back now I see far more clearly as to who and what you are. Obviously with zero doubt you were seeking complicity in an opinion from me about his mental competency which I stated with crystal clarity that he would want to live. You did pull the plug and in short order father died not having a possibility of an even temporary recovery. I don’t believe you did all that could be done. Your “cold crocodile tears” were calculated and could taste his estate which you had organized so conveniently for yourself.  

I find it to be remarkably evil, ungrateful and downright disgusting that you are so braindead for the treatment with abuse that has been imposed upon all of us and especially Tara, Lance and the kids. They have been so hurt, insulted, robbed, lied to and betrayed by you that it’s unspeakable but it needs to be said and written out for posterity. Are you some kind of Devil to have manifested this behavior? You were hosted by them countless times, nourished and fed by them, stayed with them, took emotional shelter by them whenever needed and were graced with their endless kindness and love for you your entire life. They created your family environment during all the holidays and get-togethers. Tara and her family unit was the stable foundation in your life. Who are you when looking in the mirror, do you have dignity and integrity??? Many of my friends and associates, a few who are from globally 1/10 of 1% wealthy families, have lost their grandparents and parents. None of them have experienced anything like the robbery, lies, fraud, manipulation and hate that you have subjected us to. Our father would be rolling in his grave if he had one, based upon who you are and what you have become.

Redemption for wrong doing to a victim of a crime by a criminal, no matter whether it’s money, emotional damage, betrayal of trust, etc, can only be corrected when that victim has been compensated, apologized to and when they are willing to forgive. Healing takes time and if the criminal has the guts and the stuff that makes a person “a true human being”, that rebuilding healing process or call it a restoration of body, mind and spirit, the process can be enhanced through their repentive efforts of accountability, honesty and kindness. The reality that the criminal created on the victim/s needs to be changed by the criminal himself. Our father victimized his children. He was a damaged man. How, when and why he did that is for another time. You, little brother, still have the opportunity to correct that legacy in yourself and possibly affect, improve and enhance our father’s eternal soul. We all still have a glimmer of hope left in us for you. What direction will you go in? Know that no charitable deeds to any 3rd party, organization, religion, political party, person/s, etc, can correct this wrong. You have to go to your victims, us. Good luck, make your own luck, be a mensch, be a man…
Shalom, Shalom, KenG

Letter to Wolf

November 28, 2022

Dear Wolf,

A few observations and thoughts to share with you…

Please know that it’s very unpleasant for me having to write this letter that has been a long time coming. I write it as our father’s oldest child, first born son and your brother. This document which is far more than a mere letter is both a priceless timeless gift for you as well as a request for justice and an equitable settlement of our father’s estate. I highly recommend you print it and study it carefully.

When we met briefly in Whole Foods at summer’s end I clearly saw that there was no light in your eyes. Truly tragic and disturbing to see. You used to have that bright eyed quality but it was gone. Your eyes were dull and depressed, almost lifeless. Clearly it showed an inner contradiction that saps creative energy. Stressed?

Quite a few months have passed now since our father’s passing.

To be totally honest and straightforward, I am disappointed, surprised and shocked that you have total control of our father’s estate and assets. Only G-D and you have the knowledge of how much influence you had over our father when he was old, weak, tired, lacked clarity of mind and unable to properly handle his own affairs. It is obvious and transparent to us all that you betrayed his trust and ours in order to seize all of his property. We all celebrated and honored you when you had finished law school. Nice to have a lawyer in the family was in everyone’s mind set. None of us imagined that you would use that knowledge to take advantage of, manipulate and hijack our father’s estate and assets for your own greed and selfish gain. You cursed us while we blessed you! What would you call such a person? Your actions and behavior dishonors the memory of our father and brings disgrace upon our family, ancestors and yourself.

Lust for money and power clouds many people’s thinking. That Lust creates a justification and rationalization that gives the person a temporary comfort and contentment zone. It wears off and the intoxication always has negative consequences. The burden of those consequences is far more costly than the ill gotten gain. People have committed atrocities that were incredibly misguided and unspeakably evil due to greed, lust for money and power. And most if not all these people, religions and societies believed what they were doing was good… Throughout history there are countless recorded examples of certifiably true stories where “karma returns an accounting with severe interest”. A wise observer sees the above openly playing out in our time.

“Self made morality”, where anything is possible isn’t the foundation and never was the DNA of the “GLASSER CLAN”. There has been a gradual breakdown of the “upright moral code” in our family of the last few generations. We are part of and the heirs of a “royal bloodline” that had a reputation that was known for its wisdom, honesty, integrity, reliability and accountability. That reputation and good name was something way beyond material value, it’s a completely different currency.

We are all the subject of various kinds of judgements. Beyond that you actually betrayed your own inner code of ethics and idealism. That was the true spirit and life force of your soul. So now you have my and everyone else’s portion of our father’s assets. You sold us, sold us out. Greed is a powerful influencer and has to be controlled in order to have a good name, a clear conscience and maintain and grow loyalty with alliances of blood and associates. History has taught us that short term Machiavellian gains never equal long term positive outcomes. The temptation of those short term gains is intoxicating, consuming and outright overwhelming for those who have that mental weakness and character flaws in their soul. People can rise above their desires and dark side. Life is about growth and constantly improving ourselves. Animals, the beasts are just pure instinct. They have no possibility or opportunity for spiritual/soul growth. It’s always wise to look for long term sustainable positive outcomes with strong safeguards and alliances.

Decisions we make in life, our choice to take the high road or the other determine who we are. This is the “art of being”, we are the artist of our inner souls and that determines who we attract and repel. There is no debate that to be a magnet of positive people and energy is priceless. It is written and emphasized that a person can indeed harness and redirect their negative dark side tendencies. There is a vast pool of energy that the dark side houses. This well of extreme power is accessible and can be actualized and help a person to realize their potential for greatness.

G-D sees all and knows all…


A) There is the judgment of G-D that is happening constantly. HE judges us based upon our choices, potential, environmental/social circumstances, our wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

B) There is the judgement of people (relatives, associates, acquaintances). Generally based upon our level of honesty, love, loyalty, helpfulness, joy, accountability, credibility and motivations.

C) There is the judgement of self evaluation based upon the integrity within each person’s soul. This self evaluation is the most powerful factor in our lives. Assuming a person has relative mental health and no brain damage this self image affects all other types of judgements both Divine and Human. Non-honest conscious wrong headed life navigation choices always result in neurosis, low self esteem and loss of peace of mind. It metastasizes into all types of problems both spiritual, mental and physical.

It is written in our Holy Scriptures (the Talmud): “G-D counts the tears of women”… The person who is the source or cause of those tears opens themselves up for strict Heavenly Judgement and consequences. “G-D hears the honest prayers and feels the brokenness of men”. You have been the cause of a massive amount of heartache, sadness, stress and pain.

Our father’s estate could have been and still can be the source of much comfort, unity, love, respect and strong alliances within our family as well as countless future blessings due to that positive energy. The lost opportunities with productivity both realized and unrealized due to your breach, violation and crime against us is transparent. BETRAYAL is the word that comes to mind!

You have created a very negative spiritual environment where the people closest to you can quite literally have zero good thoughts about you even though they would truly like to. That is called “the evil eye”. No one “in your creation of negativity” wants to have bad thoughts and hateful thoughts about you. You have created a situational spiritual concentration camp that we are all in and that countless negativity of thought is projected towards you. TERRIBLE.!!! Are you even mildly consciously aware that this “BAD KARMA” is your own creation? It also hurts the people who are the victims of the broadcasted negative thoughts. None of us wants to have bad default thoughts about you!

Our father was a talented multifaceted creative genius with a charismatic personality. He was a one of a kind man with phenomenally incredible potential that was only fractionally realized. Along with his especially good attributes there was also an out of control negative side that would manifest in ways that would really hurt, damage other people and himself. At some point long ago our father gave up pulling in the reins of his untamed wild and dark side. That is self-evident. Unfortunately it seems you are manifesting some of that ugly self destructive side of our father. You have been brainwashed into thinking that evil is good and worth the cost. Don’t be a fool. Evil may have a long run but will always be crushed. G-D’s checks and balances in HIS accounting ledger never have mistakes. Everything is examined under magnification, both the good and the evil. Exacted payments with interest are always collected whether or not the person realizes it. (“Ethics Of The Father’s”) If the person has the merit they will see and understand with reasoning what’s happening to them, be able to correct what needs correction and steer themselves in a good direction. Often not a simple or comfortable task. Certainly not always an easy road but always the right path to travel onward into the future.

“The evil eye” may seem like a joke to you now. Do know for a fact that these negative thoughts and feelings go into a type of “eternal ether ocean in the Greater Creation”. When the pressure of those thoughts becomes excessive they are released at unexpected times in all types of manifestations. Also know that many of those “ether banked negative energies” can be nullified though corrections made to the person/s who birthed them through no fault of their own. Sometimes it’s just too late to fix or nullify “this negative energy” (the person may be gone or severe unhealable damage is already done). The “storm of consequences” just plays out and exacts the penalty upon the person who was the cause, reason and creator of the pain. You certainly don’t have to take my word on the above, do your due diligence and research it out yourself. You still have the opportunity to distribute justly our father’s estate to all of us. Make it happen, make a deal. You will be a far richer man both materially and spiritually for it guaranteed.

Creative self expression, inventiveness and peace of mind have a very close intertwined relationship. Peace of mind doesn’t have the burden of a guilty conscience and the “ball and chain” weight of negative actions.

A person who betrays their own standards and principals acts with treason to one’s self.

To be loyal to one’s own values (when they have been refined and clarified) is one of life’s most if not the most important foundation. An upright person who desires the maximum “life force potential” loves constructive and honest criticism. It may be painful and uncomfortable to hear but in their heart of hearts they know it’s the highest form of healthful and extreme super-food for the body and soul!

Ultimately there are only two roads, two choices, “The Path of Blessings, Life”, or “The path of curse, death”. Be wise, be great, do good, be good, “Choice Life”.

An important Torah Mishnah that I review often is:

Rabban Gamliel the son of Rabbi Yehudah HaNasi (The Prince). He would say: “Treat HIS will as if it were your will, so that HE should treat your will as if it were HIS will. Nullify your will before HIS will, so that HE should nullify the will of others before your will”, (Ethics Of The Father’s chapter 2 # 4).

It’s a fact that the Almighty does not give a person tests that they can not pass. Tests are a “tempering and building process”. They are the building blocks of FUTURE BLESSINGS.

Wolf realize your potential, be who you really should be, want to be, and can be!

I hope and pray that this letter can be followed up by another that expresses gladness and joy along with new beginnings that blossom forth as the days and years pass…

Shalom, Shalom Your Brother,

Kenneth Avrahom Dovid

PS: I do not know for sure but trying to reason why you have done this with our father’s estate. Did you totally lose your self confidence to the point where you feel desperate, inadequate and hopeless to have taken Hilary’s, Tara’s, Andy’s and my share? You have accomplished and already done many great things in life. You have traveled and hiked, camped and seen what most people never will. You have been bold, have guts and talent. You have discipline in study and business ability. You have spoken to me about ideals so all this hostility and taking of birthright property from your siblings seems foreign and very strange to me…

All of your brothers and sisters, despite what our father considered flaws in us or what you may perceive as flaws, have always had your back. Fortunately there hasn’t been a time where you needed a real intense backup from one of us but I am confident that any one of us would have been up to the task. You have thrown us under the bus….

It’s an unfortunate reality we have been forced to endure.

Wisdom to ponder:

*Most everyone in “The Free World” knows the “Golden rule”: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. The DNA original however is from Rabbi Hillel in the Talmud: He said: “Don’t do unto others what is hateful to you”…

*King Solomon said: “The beginning of wisdom is Fear of G-D”, “and that is also the end of the matter”…

* WOLF or Zev in Hebrew is the representative name and symbol of the “Royal Family of Benjamin”. They had the most exalted and important location in all of “The Land of Israel” because “The Temple Complex” and it’s infrastructure was an Island within “The Tribe of Benjamin’s Territory”. There is much to be learned about “The Jewish Zev of Benjamin”. Live and learn, it will enhance your life…

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Letter to Kent Berk

July 26, 2022

(He is the attorney hired specifically to deal with me by brother Wolf Glasser and attorney Jeff Schniedman of Scottsdale, Arizona to try and prevent my access to their creative trust documents and related information.)

Kenneth Glasser
(Avrahom Dovid Glasser)
Jerusalem, Israel
Kent S. Berk, Esq.
14220 N. Northsight Blvd., Suite 135
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
phone: 480-607-7900

Dear Mr. Kent Berk,

Prior to your representation of Wolf Glasser and Jeff Scheidman I had watched many excellent video presentations on YouTube that you had made on various aspects of estate and probate law. I did give you a thumbs up on them! In fact I even watched your summer getaway house repair video. One of the overview positives of your presentations which reflects character is that they were topic specific, to the point and not long winded. In a world of nonsense, wasted words and inflated egos that style is a breath of fresh air. My compliments…

Also I honor and respect your commitment of money and time over many years given to ” The Council For Jews With Special Needs of Arizona”.

I lived in Arizona at various times in my life. Those times were mostly in Scottsdale/Paradise Valley, Phoenix, Mesa, Lakeside (near Show Low) and Jerome Verde Valley areas.

In my early to mid 20s I started to become G-D Fearing and Torah Observant. That was only after a life long quest of being a “seeker of truth” from the age of about 12 years old. It was an interesting story and the journey up to that point continues on.

This letter isn’t about me though, it is a quest for Justice based upon Truth.

It is said “that a child becomes who they are from the parents influence and often in spite of them”. My father was a creative genius in many ways but also seemed to always be at war with G-D, Divine Information for living and his spiritual soul side. He was a tortured soul but hid that truth to almost everyone at all times. This is a long story and even Biblical in nature, perhaps for another time.

The passing away of my father was a shock. It really seemed like he’d live to be 110 or even 120 years old. Likely his weakened state had a great deal to do with his terrible accident (broke his back driving a forklift) on the day of “Tisha b’Av” (a day of sadness for the Jewish People) many years prior in one of his warehouses. He always had recurrent severe pain from that.

My father Elliott Jay Glasser (Eliyahu ben Yeheskel) passed away on Friday night Feb 5, 2022 (Shabbat, Adar #1, 4th day, 5782). He was then kept in a refrigerator for the next two weeks.

Unfortunately because of the lack of understanding with sensitivity my 4 non-Jewish sisters and brothers along with attorney Jeff Scheidman insisted on the incineration of my father’s body 2 weeks to the day in the aftermath of his death. I tried my very best to show and teach them in a loving manner to do the correct thing, even offering to pay for a proper burial. I was out voted. This was a final desecration to my father’s legacy as a son of Israel. We, the Jewish People have been burying our dead since the time of Abraham almost 4000 years ago. A proper burial is an important beginning to the journey the deceased has begun in the next world.

Truth be told he wanted to be cremated. Very often, perhaps 100s of times for decades, the subject would be brought up to me in a joking type of way just for the sake of digging into my Jewish observance. It was a kind of rebellion on his part.

I wanted him buried near my grandmother on Hayden Road in Scottsdale. It could have been done and he and we would have been much better off for it.

Once the smoke had cleared having lost the burial battle I learned of “the will” and that was a shock to everyone and me except for Wolf.

Again truth be told, my father for 15 years was having short term and at times long term memory lapses. He would often lose his keys and forget the placement of important precious valuables. Usually the lost specific pieces of diamond jewelry or precious stones would be found in another safe or just on another shelf, sometimes they had been sold and he just forgot.

Despite the memory issues he was more or less functional as far as taking care of himself, driving, etc. The last few years however were pretty rough.

A lot of the business functional responsibility had been transferred to Wolf for the last 10 years of his life.

From the time I was 18 years old I was involved with my father in various aspects of business. It was always a lopsided relationship. We did some joint ventures that I initiated but they were usually short lived when they became very profitable. I’d be bought out involuntarily! Meanwhile because of my love for and desire to be close to my father I would simply help him to make deals and receive nothing. He would always say “you’ll get it when I die”. So thank G-D I had developed my own business and managed to make my way in life.

Over the years my father literally made million$$$ from my efforts on his behalf, often at my expense in putting it all together. There was business in Wyoming, Oregon, New York, Antwerp-Belgium, Israel, etc because of my workings. It’s all quite documentable with names, dates, and testimony. Many of those connections were my friends and associates. So many adventures and stories are associated with these deals. I don’t regret any of it.

Yes, my father signed the documents giving Wolf his assets. Was he in a state of sound mind in doing so? absolutely not. Long term promises broken…

I have carefully studied “The Will ” and “The Trust Documents” and can see clearly the corruption in their preparation by Jeff Scheidman. It’s quite apparent and revealing how manipulative the said preparation was.

Having a favorite child is one thing but promises broken is something else.

No question about the fact that my dad regretted doing and signing such. With clarity my father expressed verbally regret in gifting Wolf all of his assets during his last days but nothing signed stating such that I know of. *

* (My father’s girlfriend and at times his caretaker on and off for many years told me specifically after my father’s passing and after I had the “Creative Will and Trust Documents” that my father said to her prior to his passing away that “He regretted leaving Wolf as his Executor, the sole inheritor and Trustee of the Trust”.)

For G-D’s sake and for the ultimate sake of Shalom/Peace my prayer and wish is that this can all be resolved with good will, in a loving way and in a timely manner. The ball is in Wolf’s court currently and I hope that you can have a positive influence in the “Just outcome” of this very soul hurtful and damaging issue to my father’s other children and me. As we are merely men but created in G-D’s image our job is to bring “Truth” (the Almighty’s sealing stamp is Truth) and Justice to the human realm.

To quote from the Book Of Pirkei Avos (Ethics of The Fathers);

18 Rabban Shimon ben Gamliel says: “On three things the world endures; on Justice, on Truth, and on Peace, as it is said.: With Truth, Justice and Peace judge within your gates”.

As I have grown older and learned a little more, my default thought process has embraced these principles: Always try and get advice from “G-D Fearing” people who are more knowledgeable, wiser and have more life experience than myself. Always pause and honestly consider, “what would the ALMIGHTY want me to do, say and to think”…

Shalom & Best Regards,

Kenneth Glasser


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 “The Glasser Legacy”, (trying to get my father buried instead of burned).

February 6, 2022, the day after he Passed away.

Dearest Glasser Children,

Our father left high density NY East Coast many years ago because he wanted the freedom of “The Great American West”. He loved the open range and his inner being really was a soul connected to the “Western Pioneering Spirit”. He bought a small ranch property in wide open spaces, Florence Junction, Arizona and moved there with Terry, his wife.
Quite uniquely our father blazed his own trail in his business activities. I know very little about astrology but some people like our father, myself included are very connected to earthy things. He was always into “tangible earth” whether is was gems, rocks, animal commodities, rare wood or land and real estate. Always earthy. His prophetic sense of unrealized value in these things many of which others overlooked was truly his amazing gift. He could see beauty and preciousness in seemly mundane things. In that sense he was a true “prophetic Eliyahu”, his name sake.
Our father helped to shape modern day Arizona through his commerce and business dealings but always stayed the course with his “earthly aptitude”. His inner being always remained a free pioneering spirit with a deep soul connect to the Arizona and greater Southwestern desert.
It’s not an easy time we all live in but I don’t think many people have charmed lives though out history. Our father clearly had PTSD from events in his early days and that effected him his entire life. He spoke to me over the course of many years about the desire to be cremated. I always brought in historical Jewish arguments when I had a little knowledge of the subject. He had the perception that life just ends, like dead leaves blowing in the wind but at the same time not really hearing his own words and mind set thinking that somehow incineration would be a free and liberating experience. After all, isn’t dead just dead? What’s the difference what happens to one’s body, what’s the big deal?
So since I am apparently the only child that is “actively religious” so to speak which really is a weird term, I leave that aside for the moment. There is something to a legacy, a historical life lineage and ancestry as well as making, leaving foot prints of the past. Our grandmother, our father’s mother “Silvia, Sarah Freidel” is buried in Scottsdale off Hayden Road. A grave site is a monument for the memory of the dead and a focal point of history for the living. A grave is “totally the essence of analog”. It is the earth, it is the connection to a place, a region, a time. It doesn’t get deleted, erased, plowed under or forgotten forever. Native Americans had various customs of dealing with there dead. There were, especially in Arizona, sacred burial sites, sometimes entire valleys all still there for the most part.
So basically I am with great difficulty trying to say that give our father back the native soil of Arizona which he loved and let him be one with his earth. He was an “earth man” and let him go home to it.
Yes I know, reiterating like a broken record, he wanted to be burned, maybe not realizing that they will also put his bones in a crushing grinding machine to achieve a powder of some sort. These human body oven businesses also harvest the gold, palladium and silver from the teeth of the numerous bodies they burn. They sell it to a refiner. The burning of our father’s body is a desecration and is bad for him. It’s basically suicide after death. His “eternal spirit soul” will be deeply pained by being incinerated.
An Elliott Glasser grave location will be a blessing for future generations and a timeless legacy location even if everyone leaves the State of Arizona. His memorial grave monument will endure forever.
Again consider that his grave will be a blessing for his descendants which he wants to be blessed.
Monuments not connected to actual graves and burial seldom endure, they get knocked down, moved and forgotten for ever…
To visit a parent’s, grandparent’s, etc. grave site from time to time is a good thing and helps the living to keep there focus and perspective on life. It also elevates the soul of the deceased to great heights…

Love and Eternal Blessings,
Kenneth Alan Glasser
“first born of Elliott Jon Glasser”.