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Elliott Jon Jay Glasser

1931 to 2022
His Hebrew name:
“Eliyahu Yehonatan ben Yechezkel”
4th of Adar #1


I, Kenneth Alan Glasser (Avrahom Dovid), have produced this website.

This website honors and is in memory of my father Elliott Jon Jay Glasser. Honor, true honor post-mortem can be interpreted historically in many ways depending upon the biographer and what they would like to convey and accomplish. Important life lessons for the living and for those who are yet to be born can be learned from a broad spectrum of events, character traits and facts that were the man, namely my father. I am briefly presenting herein positives and negatives to be learned from. My goal and hope is that this partial collection of information will yield positive results for the future. If one so desires to learn, think and honestly examine this modest presentation (which is a work in progress) a great benefit can be gained in navigating your future life towards the good in the Biblical sense.

A child becomes who they are in large part because of their parents and or in spite of them. Some traits are genetic and others are environmental. My father was a great teacher, instructor and at times my advisor (many times good advice and sometimes extremely negative, downright destructive advice). He was my greatest critic and at times a prosecutor. Looking back I can only say the quote “if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger”. Not my choice but such is life and G-D’s will.

It’s absolutely true that dad loved me but despised “Torah Observant Judaism. Sadly he drove G-D out of his life. In the end he left this world with no belief in a Hereafter. For years I could feel a growing darkness around him and even felt it when speaking with him on the phone. “The War Of Good and Evil” was playing out within my father and he seemed to be losing the battle but most tragically he didn’t see it. This vacuum, an “aura of darkness” that surrounded my father was consuming him and would consume those around him. It was a spiritual virus, a type of parasitic consumption. Almost like a demon had attached to his soul and very being. It is common knowledge in the Torah World that the higher a person’s soul potential is, the deeper it will fall if not connected to the The Eternal Light Source. Evil needs to consume good because it has no ability to expand without destroying. Divine Light = Produces Life and Eternity, Darkness consumes innocent life = Darkness, Death & No Future.

To this day it pains me to the core to have experienced my father’s end.

Hebrew names have meaning and power. Elliott Jon Jay Glasser (Eliyahu Yehonatan ben (son of) Yechezkel). Names are not simply casual verbiage.

Eliyahu (Hanavi) the prophet some say was on the level of or very close to Moshe Rabenu. He was openly prophetic in his time. There is the tradition that he never died and comes to every Brit Mila. At other times he can enter a person’s life environment to assist. Eliyahu was openly a great man and very effective at helping his confused generation. My father was indeed an Eliyahu and had sort of prophetic qualities that showed through in his business and at times in his words. Unfortunately he often misdirected, misused his spiritual power and potential for greatness. Eliyahu, this name literally means “My G-D is G-D Almighty”.

Yehonatan was the son of Israel’s first King, Saul. He was the close and loyal friend of King David. His unwavering loyalty to David was at great peril and a cause of extreme stress between him and his father King Saul. His name literally means “gift of G-D, G-D has given”.

Yechezkel (Hanavi) was one of the greatest Israelite prophets in the Tanach. This name literally means “G-D strengthens, G-D lives”.

Important Information

“Elliott Jon Jay Glasser Health Records”: Since my father’s passing I have made many requests for his Health Records. Those requests were made in the beginning verbally, then in writing, then formally through a lawyer. Until this day I have been totally blocked from any and all of his health record history right until his death. TOTAL denial of rightful access. It seems obvious to me that there is a problem and a fear that I will see something that could undermine the control of my father’s “hijacked estate and fortune”. It’s ironic that I am his child that for many years that turned into decades, would always talk about Health and Natural Foods and Nutrition. Always tried my best to help him modify his foods and did in fact have an influence. I also used to send him books and articles on the subject.

The Will: Seems obvious to me and that the will is fraudulent and created by manipulating my father who was cognitively compromised for many years prior to his death. His mental condition created an opening for this tainted document. His condition and illnesses created the opportunity to be taken advantage of in order to have this unfortunate outcome.
My request for the will was denied by lawyer Jeff Schniedman from the time of my fathers death on Feb 4, 2022 until March 8, 2022. Besides asking very respectfully I was ridiculed during that period of time by Mr. Schniedman and told in quotes “that I had no right to ask for it because I wasn’t entitled to receive any of my father’s property and estate”.
This so-called will is not consistent with my father’s years of promises, instructions and verbal arrangements that he made with me. That applies right up until his time of death. He even spoke at length with me in his weakened state about sales of specific merchandise on the evening that I stayed over in the Paradise Valley house just prior to Thanksgiving 2021.

The Trust: I and my sisters were denied access to all the trust documents. Many requests were made. Only when I had hired a lawyer was that information made accessible. Wolf Glasser and his lawyer Schniedman, formally my father’s lawyer, hired a legal specialist lawyer, namely Kent Berk to deal with me. Delay after delay, burning up time and money, finally the Trust documents were sent to me via Kent Berk to my lawyer. Quite honestly, I smell a rat and believe they are fraudulent or at least “doctored up to name Wolf Glasser as the one and only beneficiary to the trust besides Jeff Schniedman as the other sole trustee”! Very strange and seemingly corrupt indeed…
The fact that the last page of the documents are notarized and witnessed by Mr. Schniedman’s employees is quit revealing. None of the other pages in my father’s documents can be proven to be original or genuine. None, too many questions!

FATHER’S MENTAL STATE: The following is a very brief account of issues that affected my father’s well being and mental state. As time went on and aging became a big factor his medical history took its toll.
My father had a lifetime history of depression. He would productively deal with it by being a very creative workaholic. He did indeed produce fantastic and positive results more times than not with that channeling of energy workaholic mindset. Another outlet was abusing family members that he loved and who loved him. The abuse was both mental and physical. This was a pattern of tormenting his mother, the wife of the time and all of his children. A self destructive outlet was a high turnover of female partners and short run relationships. In his longer term relationships always included a lack of fidelity. He became somewhat delusional and more extreme but functional starting about 20 years prior to his death.
A very serious accident with a broken back more than 36+- years prior to his passing had a notable effect on his mental state. Loss of memory in varying degrees became a factor about 20 years prior to his passing. My father’s cognitive ability became obviously noticeable 10 to 12 years prior to his death.
My father promoted and pushed the idea of his cremation to me in particular for over 40 years. Once I started getting involved in Torah True Observant Judaism as a put down and type of mockery. Once he felt that his end was near he instructed his 4 non-Jewish children to cremate his body in the lowest cheapest place possible, to pull the gold out of his teeth prior to the burn and then to put his ashes in the garbage. Sadly his depression led to this unbalanced state of mind. I tried to convince my siblings for 2 weeks while my father’s corpse was stored in a refrigerator prior to the incineration that this practice was indeed destructive and damaging to his eternal soul. I was willing to cover the cost of a proper burial in Scottsdale. In the end he was burned and the chosen low-end place forgot to even notify the family

It is my opinion based upon lies told to me and actions taken against me by brother Wolf Glasser and Jeff Schiedman that my father’s property and estate have been hijacked and stolen. Based upon premeditated creative legal manipulations and stealthy moves by both Wolf Glasser and Jeff Schiedman my father’s legacy has been compromised and fallen into the wrong hands.
Greed and lust are very powerful forces…

  • The ELLIOTT GLASSER BIOGRAPHY, The Book: A story worth telling. Written by Kenneth Glasser, his oldest child.
    To be fair minded it must be noted that a child’s perspective could be dramatically different from an unrelated 3rd party biographer. However I am not simply storytelling here. The goal for the most part is to convey a viewpoint with valuable universal life lessons based upon personal experience. Also great disappointment and dissatisfaction exists from the fact that Wolf Glasser, the 4th child from the 4th wife learned nothing from my father about honor, honesty, integrity and obligation. He with my father’s compromised lawyer hijacked his estate with a covetous and thieving mind set. Through questionable legal maneuvers and the fact that Wolf worked for my father in his old age when he was sick and mentally compromised enabled him to manipulate my father and his post mortem documents. There has been no accountability, integrity and zero honor. Lying and literally stealing is and was the road that he has chosen. I can’t emphasize the above enough…
    From an outsider’s point of view, due to the moral decline of the United States, there are likely many similar people walking the streets like Brother Wolf today. It is transparently clear based upon what is popular on TV and the movies that are being made. The direction our society is going in now that incorporates and justifies acceptable corruption, hedonism with incredible perversion is sadly and unfortunately transparent as well as being unsustainable in an excelloraded unfolding future that challenges the survival of civilization itself.
    Elliott Glasser my father was a very talented and gifted man. He was able to influence people both in business and morally (his brand of “moral code”). He was adventurous, well traveled, a calculated risk taker, a hard worker, a creative dreamer with the ability to materialize many of those thoughts and many other attributes. This book openly displays his positives and negatives. To “Biblically Honor a parent” for posterity, at least in my interpretation presents “the raw truth” and “the truth why”. It is essentially the wise and only road to follow when trying to tell a person’s history that will ultimately help to improve people and the world. The mentally sound interpretation of reality depends to a great extent on a person’s belief system, do they believe in an “Almighty G-D”, in accountability for actions and decisions, where have they sourced “there Divine Information”, or possibility none of the above. Does “Karma” realization affect one’s being. Action, reaction, causation to create outcome and final results. Inherent DNA gifts, health, intelligence all have a role to play in formulating a human soul. Food for thought, it says in our Jewish Holy Scriptures “that a person’s death is a greater day than their birth”. Basically a life lived has a history and story “has mileage”. Was it well done, were they good, evil or somewhere in the gray area. Did they make life better for others, improve the world or the opposite. At birth a person is a pure consumer, yes innocent but only because of no exposure to issues or life challenges, absolutely nothing to show.
    The book is telling and speaks of wives, relationships, children, friends (the good, the bad and the ugly or call them evil) and business associates around the world. His amazing pursuits for building the high value collections of the beautiful, rare and tangible things. Multifaceted Businesses for the purpose of the collection acquisitions at times involved bold adventures to exotic places on earth. There are some truly wild stories. His history from the time of childhood to the end at 90 years is certainly not a common or mainstream lifestyle. In the end he died.
    My father’s portfolio of assets were diverse and varied. King Solomon would be envious of some of these collections. This list is far from complete.
    1) Real Estate portfolio of desirable income producing and speculative properties.
    2) Mining Properties and Claims
    3) United States Gold Refining Corp, this helped to accumulate a tremendous gold bullion reserve. He didn’t sell gold, only acquired more & more.
    4) Diamond Collection of large and rare fine stones, both Polished and Rough Raw Crystals.
    5) World Class Collection of Loose Sizable Rare Precious and Semi-Precious Gems. This spectacular inventory also had the world’s finest collection of expertly cut and polished Fire Agates (rare and large museum quality stones) as well as a full inventory of 22K & !8K Gold Custom Made Rings and rare objects mounted with the finested Fire Agates such as cigar boxes, small chests and other incredible Hand Crafted Items.
    6) Tens of Tons of natural Excellent quality Raw Gemstone material. Rough Jadeite, Turquoise from the best mines in Arizona and Nevada, Natural Blood Red Italian Coral, Opal, Peridot, Petrified Ivory, and other high quality rough gem materials for cutting.
    7) There is A Priceless Museum Quality Jade and Jadeite Collection, 1000s of antique pieces.
    8) A massive collection of Meteorites from around the World
    9) The Knife Collection from the greatest artisans and knife makers in the World. There is also an inventory of super high quality knives from “Benchmade, Old Timer, Schrade, etc.” and other great American legacy manufactures. Also ten of thousands of quality commercial production knives from asian manufactures.
    10) Rare of Collection of Art Originals from some of the most renowned Native American painters and sculptures. Collectables from Around the World
    11) Firearms Collection, An assortment of fine quality rifles, semi-auto pistols and revolvers. Massive amount of ammo in the best brands in all calibers.
    12) Fine Jewelry inventory from my grandfather’s and then father’s manufacturing wholesale & retail stores operations. Diamonds, Finest Precious Stones, Rubies, Emeralds, Sapphires, Large Cats Eye Cabochons, etc. All mounted in 22K, 18K, 14K and Platinum custom made mountings. This Inventory included Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, Broches, Pins and other Fine Jewelry Items. Both mens and womens.
    13) Massive warehoused inventory of high quality Semi-Precious Beads and Sterling Silver Findings. This was from “Beads & More” Company that was operational in the mid 1970s in Scottsdale.
    14) Diamond Tool inventory. This high quality stock of Industrial Diamond Tools is literally millions of blades of all sizes, grinding wheels, specialized grinding tips, core drills, drill bits. It is a diverse inventory from US manufactures, Germany, Italian, China and Japan.
    15) Diamond Lapidary Equipment, a warehouse filled with high quality brands of industrial grade saws, grinding benches, belt sanders, drilling machines, etc.
    16) Native American Jewelry Collection: “Old Pawn” signed pieces from Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, Santo Domingo Tribes. Beautiful museum quality inventory with the highest quality turquoise with other materials and the craftsmanship from long ago. Includes thousands of pieces, squash blossom necklaces, bracelets, rings, belt buckles, heshi necklaces, turquoise nugget necklaces. This is a museum quality collection that is likely among the best that exists of the American Southwest Native Tribes. My father had an Indian trading company for decades. He would supply them with silver sheet & wire and some gold that was produced by his precious metals refining business. At the same time he’d trade or buy all their scrap silver and gold. Also he’d supply rough turquoise from the mines as well as Italian coral, various types of shell, etc. As a teenager I went on many of these Southwest reservation road trading trips that could easily be a week or 10 days with him. He knew all the right places to go and all the right people. I learned a great deal about life, business and people from my father and by being in that environment. The trip could be pretty rough at times but always amazing and interesting.
    17) The Natural Italian Coral inventory: My father was totally connected in Italy with the producers and would travel there from time to time on buying trips when the Native American Indian Jewelry Business was booming. Red natural Coral was an extremely high demand item. Temporarily strung hank necklace strands of: beads, cylinders, rondels, discs, branch necklaces and blood red branch coral rough was the material being imported. This was a very big high value high turnover business even though it was just a segment of his overall enterprise. When the business slowed down he simply locked up the inventory and held it for decades and it was there when he passed away.
    18) Natural raw animal materials were also a segment of the business. One of the star materials was tanned stingray hides from Thailand, Buffalo bone, etc.
    19) Arrowhead inventory: 100s of 1000s of arrowheads in all sizes and configurations and colors. This inventory was a mailing order business that my father advertised in various publications in the 1950s and 1960s. When the trend slowed down he wherehoused the arrowheads and they remained his stock till his end.
    20) Gem Mineral Specimen Collection: The finest of the fine Turquoise Natural Specimens (weighing many kilos), other extremely fine specimens in rare Jadeite and other Gem & Mineral materials.
    There is much more than I’ve mentioned above. This listing highlights the high values and some of the rare and unusual inventory. My father was a stockist and a saver. He never ever liquidated inventory. Gems, precious metals and all the other materials only became rarer and more valuable as time went on. Granted the fads or trends had passed but there was always a small customer base for everything and he truly loved having all his material goods right until the day he left this world. He would have taken all that stuff with him if he could have but we come naked into this world and leave the same way. “Dust to dust” or in my father’s case dust to smoke and ashes…
  • The Movie: “ELLIOTT ELIYAHU”! Professionally written script and screenplay. Currently in the advanced stages of production. Please contact me via email for our Los Angeles area agent’s information.